LIT7s London 7s Sevens Rules

  • Teams can include up to 13 players.
  • Rolling substitutions will apply throughout all of the competitions. See Playing Rules below.
  • 7 minute halves will be played in all matches including finals.
  • Teams should report to the changing rooms 10 mins before the start of each match.

Borrowing Players

No teams can borrow players except with consent from the Referee Manager and/or LIT7s.

General Rules

The Tournament will be conducted entirely under the control of LIT7s whose decision, in all matters, is final. In the event of any complaint arising from any game the Tournament Manager’s decision (which may be made with input from the Referee Manager and LIT7s) will be final.

Competition Rules

1. A representative of each side must register between 8:30-9:00am. 

2. A maximum squad size for the tournament of 13 players is in place. Rolling substitutions will be permitted. The same players can be substituted multiple times.

3. All teams should try and bring an alternative strip in case of a colour clash or be prepared to turn shirts inside out.

4. All players must have adequate playing insurance through their team (standard RFU insurance is a minimum requirement).

5. The first team named in the schedule will kick off and the other team will choose the side of the pitch.

6. Games will start at their allotted time and late arrival at the pitch ultimately risks disqualification. If any team is going to be late arriving at the grounds they must telephone the Tournament Manager. We will endeavour to reschedule games but there will be no guarantee of this.

7. In the Pool games 3 points will be awarded for a win and 2 points will be awarded for a draw and 1 point for a loss, 0 points will be awarded for a no show or a referee’s disqualification.

8. The final draw will be made available on the day of the competition.

9. The Organisers, their employees or their helpers cannot be held responsible for any loss, or damage, to any individual’s property or valuables. It is the responsibility of the Team Captain/Manager to make appropriate arrangements.

Playing Rules

1. Games will be played under World Rugby Laws variations for Sevens and any relevant RFU Law Variations for the 2024/25 season, including the Domestic Law Variation to reduce tackle height. Players and coaches should familiarise themselves with these variations on the RFU Tackle Height Hub (

2. Each game will be played for 7 minutes each way with a 1 minute half-time. No extra time will be played in the pool rounds of the Tournament and matches will be left drawn.

3. In the knockout rounds if, at the end of normal time, neither side has won, Captains will toss for the right to kick off or choice of ends and play will continue in periods of five minutes, changing ends after each period without further interval with the first side to score being declared the winner.

4. Rolling substitutions will apply throughout all of the matches. Substitutions must be made with the permission of the referee at a time when the ball is dead (not during live play). All substitutes, coaches and support staff must stay within their designated technical area or, where one is not marked out, must stand next to the other team around the halfway line on the same side of the pitch.

5. In the event of a sending-off (red card), the team plays with less than 7 players for the rest of that game. The team is, however, allowed to start with 7 players for the subsequent games. If during a match a team is reduced to four 4 players then the match will be immediately abandoned (i.e. 3 yellow cards). Anyone receiving a Red Card in a match will be subject to a formal Judiciary process which will be conducted by the tournament appointed Judiciary Officer in a timely manner after the conclusion of the match. Sanctions may then be imposed by the Judicial Officer.

6. The use of Temporary Suspension (yellow card – Sin Bin) for 2 minutes will be in force. Two yellow cards in one match will result in a red card (see 5 above).

7. In the event of a side being unable to continue to field 7 players during a game, other than through sending-off, then the game is abandoned and:

(a) If a pool game, then the pool game is considered as abandoned by the referee and points awarded accordingly.
(b) If a knock-out game, the other side goes through.

LIT7s London 7s - 25 May 2024