LIT 7s 2022 – London International Rugby Sevens Tournament

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Ruggette RFC

Ruggette RFC

We are thrilled to announce that we will be partnering up with Ruggette RFC, a women’s rugby apparel company, to bring the Charlotte Lloyds women’s competition some amazing prizes!

🏅Open & Social Women’s Players of the Tournament – Each will receive a £50 voucher to anything on the site!

🏆Open & Social Team Winners – Each player of the winning teams will receive a £25 certificate to anything on the site!

That means if you are chosen as the player of the tournament from the winning team you will receive £75!! Better get working on that sidestep!!! 🏃‍♀️💨

Ruggette RFC will be hosting a stand at the tournament, so make sure you stop by and pick up some of your favourite items! Winners can also collect their prizes on the day! 🎽

Here is a bit of information about Ruggette RFC:

Founded in 2018, Ruggette provide women’s players with kit made specifically for them. Made for female athletes by female athletes, they are dedicated to solving problems for women’s rugby players, and advocating for equality in sport!

We can’t wait to try out some of their awesome stash!!! Visit them at and scope out your favourites!#womensrugby #womeninsport #rugbyforall#sportforall #femaleathlete #wrugby #lit7s #lit7s🔥