LIT 7s 2022 – London International Rugby Sevens Tournament

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Fill Your Boots

Fill Your Boots

We are very pleased to announce a new partnership for this year’s London International 7s Tournament (aka “LIT 7s” and formerly “FRN 7s”) with Fill Your Boots.

Fill Your Boots will be helping teams manage their player needs on the day and assist players not affiliated with a team with finding a team to play with on the day.


Teams needing extra players during the tournament can come to the Fill Your Boots marquee to help find extra players.

This means that if a few of your players fail to show up in the morning or if some of your players suffer from injuries on the day, Fill Your Boots can help you field a side for your matches.

Rules will be as follows:

1. A player registered in the Open level competition cannot play in the Social (i.e. if you play in the Open, you cannot later in the tournament, play in the Social).
 However, a player registered to a social team can play in the Open (i.e. players can “play up”) and an Open competition player can play for other teams in the Open.

2. If players not registered to your team would like to play with your team in the finals, this must be disclosed and signed off by the other finalists. If the other team does not permit this, the decision can be appealed to the tournament organiser and head referee.


If you are a player not affiliated with a team that will be playing on the day, grab your boots, buy a “Fill Your Boots Player Ticket” here and come down on the day!

After coming through the registration area, proceed to the Fill Your Boots marquee and they will find you a team to play with on the day.

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